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Holy Week At Home Ideas

I love Kendra Tierney's The Catholic All Year Compendium- Liturgical Living for Real Life. This is where I get all my ideas of how to incorporate the Catholic faith into my family's everyday life. I shortened Kendra's Holy Week suggestions for my family and thought I might as well share here in case someone was looking for ideas! I highly recommend purchasing this book... I use it almost everyday and it makes Liturgical Living so fun (but not complicated)!

Monday & Tuesday: Spend these days doing your spring cleaning! This way you are preparing for the celebration for Easter Sunday and the Easter Octave that follows!

Spy Wednesday: This is the day we remember Judas betraying Jesus… today is called “Spy Wednesday” because of Judas’ sneakiness. Together as a family read Matthew 26:14-16 & Luke 22:3-6. A grown up can then hide 30 pieces of silver (quarters) in the house for the kids to find. Watch how the sweet, adorable children become little “Judases” themselves in order to get those coins! This teaches us a valuable lesson… greed can make any man turn into someone he doesn’t want to become… greed is dangerous… we are all capable of being a “Judas”!

Holy Thursday (Maudy Thursday): Do a family washing of the feet! Draw names from a hat and wash each other’s feet just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Jesus told us, “If I then, your Lord and Teachers, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you” (John 13: 14-15). You can also make tonight a family movie night and watch The Prince of Egypt!

Good Friday: Today it is traditional to make hot cross buns. You can look up a recipe online or just buy canned cinnamon rolls and use the icing to mark the top of the bun with a cross. This is a day of fasting and abstinence but since you will want 10 hot crossed buns only eat one or two…! Some other ideas are to wear black on this somber day, try to remain quiet from noon- 3pm maybe using this time to read the Passion, color some Stations of the Cross pictures, or anything that reminds you of this solemn time Christ was on the cross. You can also do Stations of the Cross with your family… if you do not have a Stations booklet you can search for one online or even find a church that is streaming Stations of the Cross!

Holy Saturday: Today is a great day to decorate your Easter eggs if you have not already! Paschales Solemnitatis, the main document governing the celebration of Easter, tells us, “On Holy Saturday the Church is, as it were, at the Lord’s tomb, meditating on his passion and death, and on his descent into hell, and awaiting his resurrection with prayer and fasting. The wait is almost over…

All of these ideas came from this glorious book that has changed my way of living the faith! Thank you Kendra for putting together all your wonderful ideas and sharing it with the world... this book changed my life!

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