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Not Today Satan...

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The word “quarantine” is derived from the Italian word "quaranta" which means forty. The practice of quarantine began during the 14th century when ships arriving from cities infected by plague epidemics were required to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing. I just couldn’t stop my jaw from physically dropping when coming across this information at this exact moment in my life… while quarantined!

How crazy is it that our nation’s quarantine, along with many other countries around the world, is taking place during this time of Lent... the time we are mimicking Jesus’s forty days alone in the desert? It was during this time Jesus spent praying and isolating Himself from any distractions in order to prepare for his death and resurrection. We MUST spend our Lenten season with the same mindset. This seems so hard in the world we live in but look how amazing our God is… He has literally taken everything off our plates for us, cleared our overly busy calendars, taken any excuse away from us for not having family dinners, family prayer time, and time to just meditate and pray. We must prepare for our death and resurrection… our death from the worldliness that surrounds us and our coming back to life in a whole new light… in the light of Christ. We cannot walk and imitate Christ if we do not first take the time to look deep into our souls, ask forgiveness of our sins, and take time to grow closer to God through His Word.

Just as the devil tried to tempt Christ in the desert he will also try to tempt us. We must prepare in this time of confinement and use it the best way possible, the way God is calling us. We must drive out the Fear, Gluttony, & Destruction the devil is placing on our hearts and in our minds. There is nothing that can be happening in our world today that should distance us from God. The harder the times and deeper the hurt, the closer we should be to Our Lord, suffering at the foot of the Cross with His Son and with the Blessed Mother. As Bishop Sheen so simply yet powerfully states, “unless there is a Good Friday in your life, there can be no Easter Sunday.” Well welcome to a Lent full of Good Fridays… how wonderful will it be to experience the Resurrection of our Lord after these weeks upon weeks of Good Fridays. I can only imagine when the real Good Friday occurred, that day felt like weeks and weeks to our Blessed Mother. So make sure to imitate Christ in the desert, telling Satan "No" by not letting the fear of the unknown take over your life, not allowing the distance of the sacraments hold you back from using everything in your power to still proclaim the Good News, and stop the devil in his tracks when you continue to love God with all your heart and truly Trust In Him!

There have been many apparitions and many messages delivered by Jesus and His Mother. Not all have been fully vetted by the church and some have been, proclaimed to be true. I wanted to mention a few quotes from different visionaries around the world that will hit home in our time… it's time to prepare and the time is now… the urgency is great… but do not do this out of fear but out of love for our Lord, and our brothers & sisters in Christ.

“Before the difficult times are upon you, prepare yourselves for the vocation I have called you to by renewed tenacity and a firm decision. You must not be lazy, uninterested, and indifferent because the great storm is brewing just ahead. Its gusts will carry away indifferent souls consumed by laziness. Only those souls with a genuine vocation will survive.” ~Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann, The Flame, Message of March 12, 1964, p.205.

“All that is needed are those who would offer themselves to be the criers- and with courage, without fearing anything, facing sacrifices in order to make it known.” Excerpt from Christ’s message Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta on August 25, 1929.

The time is now, for your personal revelation, to pray, with full confidence… “Jesus, I trust in You. They Will be done, I give you my will; please give me Yours in return.” “Let Your Kingdom come. Let Your Will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven.”

The anguish felt by Mary doesn't seem to compare with the anguish many of us are facing in these uncertain time... but remember... both of these pictures are equal in our Lord's eyes... the sadness of "Sadness" aka Chloe Joy and the excruciating pain felt by our Blessed Mother while holding her murdered son can all be brought to Our Lord and He will help us to use this pain for the salvation of our world.

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