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What's with the Fire?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

When Amanda and I recognized a need to create a platform, one of the first challenges we encountered was how we were going to label it. We wanted to come up with an image that blended our personalities (we both are very passionate, feisty, and strong-willed, most of the time, endearingly :) and our main focus: faith & education. So how did we come up with Sisters on Fire?

Well, we started with the idea of “fire.” There is a tiredness we have observed within the field of education. This tiredness is understandable-- teacher burnout is a thing-- but we wanted to offer something that acknowledges the challenges of being an educator but most importantly, moves past those worn out laments to celebrate the awesomeness behind our vocation. This is truly needed in order to reignite the smoldering ashes that define many of our nation’s schools. There is also a tiredness within the realm of religious education. We are hearing the same empty platitudes that are not giving us and most importantly, the kids, the tools needed to keep our internal flames lit for Christ!

Sisterhood? Well that’s easy. Our friendship is something that, over two years of working across the courtyard from each other, has morphed into something closer to sisterhood. And we think that there are many women just like us, young or young at heart, professional educators or homeschool moms, that feel a similar need to rekindle our worlds of education, faith, and culture.

We believe that everyone is born with an internal flame. Look up “fire” or “flame” in the Bible. It’s not a coincidence how often it’s used as a metaphor to convey something profound (think Pentecost!). Often it is juxtaposed with images of darkness, and this is something to which we can all relate. For when we are faced with darkness-- experiencing self doubt as teachers, observing injustice towards a child, feeling alone in a culture that celebrates sin --- we are faced with a choice. Are we going to cower away and give into the darkness (it can be the path of least resistance) or are we going to stand up against it (much easier said than done). As Dr. Jordan Peterson would say, “we can either face the dragon or hide inside our homes, waiting for it to destroy us.”

So, to our Sisters on Fire out there, we encourage you to face the darkness! Say what needs to be said! Do what needs to be done! If you are uniting your purpose with God’s, nothing can stand in your way, He will sustain you. To all of our weary educators out there, reflect upon what led you towards education, find that waning flame and reignite it. Stop complaining and start looking at your vocation as your flame, how can you rekindle it back to life? To all of our apathetic Catholic sisters, do not let outside factors extinguish your fire for Christ. Do not use what you do not understand or are frustrated by as an excuse to let it dim. In order for us to make a change, to fire this exhausted world back up, we must nourish our own flames. That way, when the time comes, we can offer light to a tired world inclined towards darkness. Helping you accomplish this is our mission at Sisters on Fire.

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